Ethical Sourcing

Tanwani Group Policy on Social Accountability and Ethical Treatment: Tanwani Group advocates for business practices and policies that demonstrate respect for the inherent worth of all individuals. This expectation extends to our suppliers as well. All Tanwani Group locations, including suppliers, are required to maintain a safe working environment for employees. This includes providing appropriate training, necessary equipment for safe job performance, and a clean setting that emphasizes safe behaviour.

Both Tanwani Group and its supplier locations are committed to upholding employment conditions that preserve the freedom of workers to choose their employment, with no involvement in forced labour, bonded labour, or involuntary servitude. Child labour is strictly prohibited, and there will be no discrimination based on age, gender, race, colour, caste, national origin, disability, religion, or veteran status in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination, or retirement.

Tanwani Group unequivocally refuses to engage with any supplier involved in or associated with human trafficking, bonded labour, involuntary servitude, child labour, or sexual slavery, irrespective of cultural, community, or national boundaries. We maintain a rigorous supplier control program, which includes evaluating suppliers and ensuring their compliance with these standards. In the event that a supplier audit reveals violations of Tanwani Group's Policy on Social Accountability and Ethical Treatment, the supplier relationship will be terminated or suspended until full compliance is achieved.

If you become aware of any violations of this policy, we kindly request that you immediately report them to us using our Contact Us form.

Accessibility Statement :

Tanwani Group is dedicated to ensuring that its website is accessible to all users and will persistently strive to comply with relevant laws. If you encounter any challenges in accessing content, features, or functionalities on our website or other electronic platforms, please contact us via email at We will promptly assist you by offering an alternative method of access.

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